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Oh what fun it is to have family over! 12/24

7:20 am: Did I metion I’m sensative to noises? Woken up by step-nieces and nephews playing loudly.

7:21 am: Stays in bed.

8:30 am: Needs to use restroom but is taken.

8:35 am: They said it would be a huge breakfast. Instead breakfast is a bagel with strawberry cream cheese spread.

8:40 pm: Mom brought in the mail from the post office so time to pick up the book review and run into my room! Interesting articles: a recently deceased writer’s anti-Christmas thoughts and a review on a new Sherlock Homes knock-off. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is still ontop of the hardcover fiction list. *sigh*

9:15 am: Realizes hasn’t taken shower. IT’S taken. Oh, and the nieces and nephews are playing with the Wii.

9:30 am: Takes shower.

9:45 am: Mom complains of hair being wet.

10:00 am: …again…

10: 05 am: Begins to write down post for yesterday’s blog.

12:10 pm: Wonders when we are leaving for the extended family gathering at Grandma’s.

12:15 pm: Also wonders why the nieces and nephews don’t like her since she’d watch Toy Story 3 with them.

12:17 pm: One nephew hates my Santa hat since “only nice people can wear it”. Another defends me. *sniff*

12:28 pm: So too the nice nephew goes me recording myself reading a book! (He’s a missonary’s kid)

12:45 pm: Finally going to Grandma’s, just after I get a lecture on how argumentive I’m getting.

12:50 pm: Looks like the football game’s on.

1:00 pm: Nieces are wondering what I’m doing. (Writing down stuff timeline. Yesterday’s was horrible trying to remember it)

1:10 pm: Begin the pictures. I am so grateful that I have no kids of my own to deal with!


1:40 pm: Not much that I care for though.

2:05 pm: If it wern’t for the fact that I’m trying to keep a seat, I probably find some place to hide. Otherwise, I’m in the middle of the room zoning out.

2:15 pm: “Is it time to open presents yet?”

2:25 pm: Somethimes I wonder if I’ve been on the internet for far too long.

2:35 pm: Bored now

2:45 pm: Me too! (Mom. Should have seen this coming with writing in a notebook and all.)

3:05 pm: Huh. The Chefs are doing semi-well.

3:12 pm: Never mind.

3:15 pm: Great-Grandkid presents!

3:35 pm: $20. Second time I recive that amount of money from my grandparent.

3:45 pm: Guy gift exchange. This is one of those, pick-a-random-gift-from-the-center-and-snatch-and-steal. Much more entertaining.

4:05 pm: Ladies exhcange! I’m #8 out of 15. Not too bad.

4:25 pm: Hope for luck that the soft plush blanket and chocolate gift I have will be MINE!

4:30 pm: …damn it. Here’s to jewery.

4:32 pm: Never mind. Got the blanket back and it is now mine for sure! (Three steals and I stole it once, someone stole it from me, some one stole it again and I stole it back!) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

4:40 pm: I shall now immortalize, “I think it’s a gift card.” Make it a meme please!

4:55 pm: The end of the party.

5:18 pm: A minor clean up at my house.

6:00 pm: The hills are alive, with the sound of music.

8:00 pm: Update yestday’s blog.

8:16 pm: Rewatches Persona 3 and Persona 4’s christmas parts. (YuxRise and MinakoxKen FTW!)

9:05 pm: Church service.

10:20 pm: Return. Takes shower.

11:00 pm: No late night Doctor Who episodes tonight so off to bed!

Today? Well, today was just a church service and me watching choral productions on PBS. (And updating this blog!) So there you have it! A handheldgamer’s Christmas!


Oh what fun it is to have family over! 12/23

Ah Christmas, where I can belt out certain songs off the top of my lungs and…well…maybe get looked oddly at, where the Japanese worry about who’s dating who, and family come to visit! I have been dealing with my relatives since…Thanksgiving it seems like. However, I will only bore you with the events of the 23rd (intermediate family X-mas) and 24th (Extended family X-mas)

8:00 am: Stirring

8:15 am: Hears kids eating breakfast. Stays in bed to avoid them.

8:30 am: Breakfast is cereal. The company is step-brothers, brother and a slow step-nephew.

9:00 am: Breakfast dishes are finished. (Though dishes are not to bad with family around. One of the perks) Getting ready for a shower.

9:15 am: Done with shower. Everyone’s gone expect for Mom who promptly complains of the wet hair…

9:30 am: …again…

9:40 am: …and again…

10:00 am: Decides to hang out in room.

10:50 am: …expect to get mail.

11:13 am: Mail arrives. Wall Street Journal, Christmas Cards and text books for me and my brother.

11:35 am: When reading the Review section, family returns. Retreats to room with text-book.

12:40 pm: Lunch is served. Chili. After waiting for step-necies and nephews, takes a bowl.

12:55 pm: The only dish I have to wash is my own and the chili pot. YAY!

1:00 pm: Retreats to room to finish reading book.

1:40 pm: Decides to daydream.

2:30 pm: Very grateful no one goes into my room for anything.

3:30 pm: Hears necies and nephews starting up the Wii. Since I’m the game master around this household, I decide to help set things up.

3:35 pm: But is forced to watch.

4: 30 pm: Realizes if I acted like “yancey”, I would be kicked off.

4:35 pm: “carter” loses so I play as him. (With “yancey” ignoring my wish to change Mii’s)

4:40 pm: The real Carter is now very happy that I, the most experienced gamer, is playing as him.

5:00 pm: “Don’t pick ‘carter’! You”ll lose against her!” True. NO QUARTER TO CHILDREN WHO DARE TO FACE ME!

5:15 pm: “Jazzibell” (who faced and lost against me) goes onto win the game!

5:16 pm: Grandma’s over so Wii time’s over but food is just around the corner…

5:40 pm: Three plates. Beginning, middle and desert!

5:50 pm: Exchange time! My first gift is…a shirt. -_-

6:05 pm: Gift from Mom. The Book of Confidence. Genuinely is touched, since I’ve had a bad year.

6:30 pm: Gift card from step-sister. Presumes it’s for the car radio she asked for. (But I’m now making other plans for it)

6:50 pm: Bored now. Necies and nephews getting presents is getting old.

7:20 pm: …so much that the humorous incident of a nephew getting the same gift twice isn’t funny.

7:35 pm: Worse off, I gave my present, a gift card with a sound greeting card, myself.

7:50 pm: The last gift gets fanfare, a 3D target wolf.

8:00 pm: Retreats to bed.

To be continued…