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The Half-Year in Books Jul-Dec 2011

What does a person do when she’s trapped at home and kept away from her one true passion? Read books! So in honor of the almost end of the year, here is my list of books from the latter half of the year of 2011.


Harry Potter series: In prep for the final movie, I re-read all of the books. It was certainly interesting. Most of the older books seem odd when compared to the older and at times, it seems a bit formulaic. But still a good read for kids and teens.


Romance Novels: Oh my goodness. A guilty pleasure if there ever was one. Basically, this taught me that you can get away with a lot more on paper than you can on film or a video game. The big one was a romance novel author shared a body with Cleopatra. So yeah.


John Grisham Novels: And now for something completely different. Occasionally, the Author Tracts get heavy but I admire that he’s allowing to explore everything he can with his legal novels and then some. My favorite still remains to be The Partner, which is about a guy who decides to leave his firm that was about to fire him and for good measure, take a large sum of money with him and manages to come up with a plan that leaves him (spoiler) scott-free. Maybe it’s the “running away” part I like.


The Best Of Me: I should put this up with Romance Novels but that reading was in the summer.  So…teen guy gives up teen girl, who are One True Loves and life ensued and meet again at a funeral for an old friend who is Shipper On Deck.  Will they get back together? (Spoiler) No. Otherwise, we’d have a lot of complaints about the logic. Though, leave it to a romance author to come up with an awww (or gluh) worthy ending.


Inheritance: Well, the fantasy comes to a close. Not really one of my biggest fan faves but enjoyable. Angela and Nasuada still remain my favorite characters. And a nicely done final battle.


Short eh? Next half-year is going to be shorter thanks to college starting again!