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Viva la Vita?

I “love” the fact that the Wall Street Journal requires subscriber access for certain articles. So the article that caught my eye will just have to come from another website.

The success of the Vita is going to have to come from serious hard-core gamers that are willing to shell out to the max $300 dollars to get a portable hardcore game. Me personally, I’m willing! I’m willing to buy ports of games I haven’t tried, such as Persona 4: The Golden, (especially that one, considering I have, and LOVE, Persona 3 Portable) and Final Fantasy X, because I haven’t been able to play them before. That’s the mostly reason I bought the 3DS, which was for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. My problem is what I dub “small-town selection”. Even now, the only game that I can find for the PSP in Fort Scott’s Wal-Mart is Madden ’11. The nearest gaming store is in Nevada, which is out of my way.

Also, backwards compatibility. That is a BIG thing for me as I tend to amass a library that I don’t want to give up. The fact that I have to re-buy my games again, doesn’t appeal much to me. Now, if Sony can pull something up like the 3DS’ virtual library, I would be very pleased, as I don’t tend to trust $1 games. (Which is why games on cellphones or tablets probably won’t matter much to me.)

Unfortunately, the system will probably go the same way as the Playstation Portable. Bomb everywhere expect Japan. Lets just see if things will be better for us gamers.