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Keepon…I want one

So, during the day I usually browse my Dad’s Wall Street Journal in hopes of something interesting. Something interesting today ended up being an article about how interactive kids toys are getting. Now back say…ten to fifteen years ago, I would describe myself as someone who liked plushes (still do) kinda-sorta for Barbie’s (because of that ginormous dollhouse that now, the nieces enjoy) and board games. But now, in this day and age, I know exactly what I want.

Two yellow balls stuck together with eyes and a nose that can dance better than I can.

I…don’t know why. I mean, that’s the $30,000 and the $40 dollar one is definitely not supposed to be as good. It doesn’t look as if it’ll fit in my car, where it would stay, so Dad wouldn’t have to complain about the chirping robot. But…it…it…


And the fact that it can dance to music and be a good little buddy on the road, who won’t complain about the fry smell and why I’m not taking the fastest route home.

GAH! WhymustitbesoldonlyinToysRUswheretheclosestoneisinJoplin/KansasCity. *headdesk*