Beauty and the Beast IN 3D! Review

Everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for Disney. Most of us were raised on the diet of Mickey and Pixar. Beauty and the Beast is not one of my personal favorites, even though Belle is probably the Princess I most resemble in personality. However, given the opportunity to watch a classic in the theater and give my thoughts on it before anyone else…kinda lured me in.

The 3D, as always, does take some time getting used to. especially a movie like this, where it isn’t made with 3D in mind. So for a while, I was focusing on what was at the foreground. Eventually, my eyes adjusted and allowed myself to observe what needed to be observed. I still caught a lot don’t normally catch, such as the director cameo and the skull-in-Gaston’s-eyes part. The story’s still the same though now, I actually managed to ponder a bit about the plot.

The original story had the Beast still be polite and gentle to the girl. The only grounds in which she refused to love him was because of his ugliness. Well, in this adaptation, the Beast is trapped in a more animal like body. Underneath the rage and hatred lies despair at his coming fate. He is the one most changed by this story and he is changed by love. While this may not always work like that in real life, it does show how simply caring for another can change a person. Ah, the morals that you don’t realize you’re getting when you’re a kid.

So yes, I enjoyed myself. Suddenly, I feel the urge to perform the reprise of Belle.

RIP Howard Ashman, the other half of the musician duo that worked on this film and whom the the movie is dedicated to.

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