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Oh what fun it is to have family over! 12/24

7:20 am: Did I metion I’m sensative to noises? Woken up by step-nieces and nephews playing loudly.

7:21 am: Stays in bed.

8:30 am: Needs to use restroom but is taken.

8:35 am: They said it would be a huge breakfast. Instead breakfast is a bagel with strawberry cream cheese spread.

8:40 pm: Mom brought in the mail from the post office so time to pick up the book review and run into my room! Interesting articles: a recently deceased writer’s anti-Christmas thoughts and a review on a new Sherlock Homes knock-off. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is still ontop of the hardcover fiction list. *sigh*

9:15 am: Realizes hasn’t taken shower. IT’S taken. Oh, and the nieces and nephews are playing with the Wii.

9:30 am: Takes shower.

9:45 am: Mom complains of hair being wet.

10:00 am: …again…

10: 05 am: Begins to write down post for yesterday’s blog.

12:10 pm: Wonders when we are leaving for the extended family gathering at Grandma’s.

12:15 pm: Also wonders why the nieces and nephews don’t like her since she’d watch Toy Story 3 with them.

12:17 pm: One nephew hates my Santa hat since “only nice people can wear it”. Another defends me. *sniff*

12:28 pm: So too the nice nephew goes me recording myself reading a book! (He’s a missonary’s kid)

12:45 pm: Finally going to Grandma’s, just after I get a lecture on how argumentive I’m getting.

12:50 pm: Looks like the football game’s on.

1:00 pm: Nieces are wondering what I’m doing. (Writing down stuff timeline. Yesterday’s was horrible trying to remember it)

1:10 pm: Begin the pictures. I am so grateful that I have no kids of my own to deal with!


1:40 pm: Not much that I care for though.

2:05 pm: If it wern’t for the fact that I’m trying to keep a seat, I probably find some place to hide. Otherwise, I’m in the middle of the room zoning out.

2:15 pm: “Is it time to open presents yet?”

2:25 pm: Somethimes I wonder if I’ve been on the internet for far too long.

2:35 pm: Bored now

2:45 pm: Me too! (Mom. Should have seen this coming with writing in a notebook and all.)

3:05 pm: Huh. The Chefs are doing semi-well.

3:12 pm: Never mind.

3:15 pm: Great-Grandkid presents!

3:35 pm: $20. Second time I recive that amount of money from my grandparent.

3:45 pm: Guy gift exchange. This is one of those, pick-a-random-gift-from-the-center-and-snatch-and-steal. Much more entertaining.

4:05 pm: Ladies exhcange! I’m #8 out of 15. Not too bad.

4:25 pm: Hope for luck that the soft plush blanket and chocolate gift I have will be MINE!

4:30 pm: …damn it. Here’s to jewery.

4:32 pm: Never mind. Got the blanket back and it is now mine for sure! (Three steals and I stole it once, someone stole it from me, some one stole it again and I stole it back!) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

4:40 pm: I shall now immortalize, “I think it’s a gift card.” Make it a meme please!

4:55 pm: The end of the party.

5:18 pm: A minor clean up at my house.

6:00 pm: The hills are alive, with the sound of music.

8:00 pm: Update yestday’s blog.

8:16 pm: Rewatches Persona 3 and Persona 4’s christmas parts. (YuxRise and MinakoxKen FTW!)

9:05 pm: Church service.

10:20 pm: Return. Takes shower.

11:00 pm: No late night Doctor Who episodes tonight so off to bed!

Today? Well, today was just a church service and me watching choral productions on PBS. (And updating this blog!) So there you have it! A handheldgamer’s Christmas!


Oh what fun it is to have family over! 12/23

Ah Christmas, where I can belt out certain songs off the top of my lungs and…well…maybe get looked oddly at, where the Japanese worry about who’s dating who, and family come to visit! I have been dealing with my relatives since…Thanksgiving it seems like. However, I will only bore you with the events of the 23rd (intermediate family X-mas) and 24th (Extended family X-mas)

8:00 am: Stirring

8:15 am: Hears kids eating breakfast. Stays in bed to avoid them.

8:30 am: Breakfast is cereal. The company is step-brothers, brother and a slow step-nephew.

9:00 am: Breakfast dishes are finished. (Though dishes are not to bad with family around. One of the perks) Getting ready for a shower.

9:15 am: Done with shower. Everyone’s gone expect for Mom who promptly complains of the wet hair…

9:30 am: …again…

9:40 am: …and again…

10:00 am: Decides to hang out in room.

10:50 am: …expect to get mail.

11:13 am: Mail arrives. Wall Street Journal, Christmas Cards and text books for me and my brother.

11:35 am: When reading the Review section, family returns. Retreats to room with text-book.

12:40 pm: Lunch is served. Chili. After waiting for step-necies and nephews, takes a bowl.

12:55 pm: The only dish I have to wash is my own and the chili pot. YAY!

1:00 pm: Retreats to room to finish reading book.

1:40 pm: Decides to daydream.

2:30 pm: Very grateful no one goes into my room for anything.

3:30 pm: Hears necies and nephews starting up the Wii. Since I’m the game master around this household, I decide to help set things up.

3:35 pm: But is forced to watch.

4: 30 pm: Realizes if I acted like “yancey”, I would be kicked off.

4:35 pm: “carter” loses so I play as him. (With “yancey” ignoring my wish to change Mii’s)

4:40 pm: The real Carter is now very happy that I, the most experienced gamer, is playing as him.

5:00 pm: “Don’t pick ‘carter’! You”ll lose against her!” True. NO QUARTER TO CHILDREN WHO DARE TO FACE ME!

5:15 pm: “Jazzibell” (who faced and lost against me) goes onto win the game!

5:16 pm: Grandma’s over so Wii time’s over but food is just around the corner…

5:40 pm: Three plates. Beginning, middle and desert!

5:50 pm: Exchange time! My first gift is…a shirt. -_-

6:05 pm: Gift from Mom. The Book of Confidence. Genuinely is touched, since I’ve had a bad year.

6:30 pm: Gift card from step-sister. Presumes it’s for the car radio she asked for. (But I’m now making other plans for it)

6:50 pm: Bored now. Necies and nephews getting presents is getting old.

7:20 pm: …so much that the humorous incident of a nephew getting the same gift twice isn’t funny.

7:35 pm: Worse off, I gave my present, a gift card with a sound greeting card, myself.

7:50 pm: The last gift gets fanfare, a 3D target wolf.

8:00 pm: Retreats to bed.

To be continued…

The Half-Year in Books Jul-Dec 2011

What does a person do when she’s trapped at home and kept away from her one true passion? Read books! So in honor of the almost end of the year, here is my list of books from the latter half of the year of 2011.


Harry Potter series: In prep for the final movie, I re-read all of the books. It was certainly interesting. Most of the older books seem odd when compared to the older and at times, it seems a bit formulaic. But still a good read for kids and teens.


Romance Novels: Oh my goodness. A guilty pleasure if there ever was one. Basically, this taught me that you can get away with a lot more on paper than you can on film or a video game. The big one was a romance novel author shared a body with Cleopatra. So yeah.


John Grisham Novels: And now for something completely different. Occasionally, the Author Tracts get heavy but I admire that he’s allowing to explore everything he can with his legal novels and then some. My favorite still remains to be The Partner, which is about a guy who decides to leave his firm that was about to fire him and for good measure, take a large sum of money with him and manages to come up with a plan that leaves him (spoiler) scott-free. Maybe it’s the “running away” part I like.


The Best Of Me: I should put this up with Romance Novels but that reading was in the summer.  So…teen guy gives up teen girl, who are One True Loves and life ensued and meet again at a funeral for an old friend who is Shipper On Deck.  Will they get back together? (Spoiler) No. Otherwise, we’d have a lot of complaints about the logic. Though, leave it to a romance author to come up with an awww (or gluh) worthy ending.


Inheritance: Well, the fantasy comes to a close. Not really one of my biggest fan faves but enjoyable. Angela and Nasuada still remain my favorite characters. And a nicely done final battle.


Short eh? Next half-year is going to be shorter thanks to college starting again!

Viva la Vita?

I “love” the fact that the Wall Street Journal requires subscriber access for certain articles. So the article that caught my eye will just have to come from another website.

The success of the Vita is going to have to come from serious hard-core gamers that are willing to shell out to the max $300 dollars to get a portable hardcore game. Me personally, I’m willing! I’m willing to buy ports of games I haven’t tried, such as Persona 4: The Golden, (especially that one, considering I have, and LOVE, Persona 3 Portable) and Final Fantasy X, because I haven’t been able to play them before. That’s the mostly reason I bought the 3DS, which was for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. My problem is what I dub “small-town selection”. Even now, the only game that I can find for the PSP in Fort Scott’s Wal-Mart is Madden ’11. The nearest gaming store is in Nevada, which is out of my way.

Also, backwards compatibility. That is a BIG thing for me as I tend to amass a library that I don’t want to give up. The fact that I have to re-buy my games again, doesn’t appeal much to me. Now, if Sony can pull something up like the 3DS’ virtual library, I would be very pleased, as I don’t tend to trust $1 games. (Which is why games on cellphones or tablets probably won’t matter much to me.)

Unfortunately, the system will probably go the same way as the Playstation Portable. Bomb everywhere expect Japan. Lets just see if things will be better for us gamers.

Keepon…I want one

So, during the day I usually browse my Dad’s Wall Street Journal in hopes of something interesting. Something interesting today ended up being an article about how interactive kids toys are getting. Now back say…ten to fifteen years ago, I would describe myself as someone who liked plushes (still do) kinda-sorta for Barbie’s (because of that ginormous dollhouse that now, the nieces enjoy) and board games. But now, in this day and age, I know exactly what I want.

Two yellow balls stuck together with eyes and a nose that can dance better than I can.

I…don’t know why. I mean, that’s the $30,000 and the $40 dollar one is definitely not supposed to be as good. It doesn’t look as if it’ll fit in my car, where it would stay, so Dad wouldn’t have to complain about the chirping robot. But…it…it…


And the fact that it can dance to music and be a good little buddy on the road, who won’t complain about the fry smell and why I’m not taking the fastest route home.

GAH! WhymustitbesoldonlyinToysRUswheretheclosestoneisinJoplin/KansasCity. *headdesk*

The Intro!

Hiya! The name’s handheldgamergirl! Pleased to meet everyone on the net. Call me Handel.

*ahem* This is going to be a blog updated at least twice a week for just random thoughts about my life. Be it my experence as a Handheld Gamer, (Offical title) or my new adjustments to life in general. So sit back and relax and enjoy hearing my opinions.